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Gingerline's Flavourologists at work

Gingerline's Flavourology is the creator of unforgettable experiences and edible adventures. The go-to experts for multi-sensory content creation, Flavourology delivers brand activations that tease the taste buds and tickle the senses.


The sister of immersive dining pioneers, Gingerline, Flavourology prides itself on its design of inspired solutions for brave brands and daring hosts. Ambitious in vision and scale, Flavourology empowers PR, marketing and events teams to produce truly unforgettable experiences. In creating bespoke, immersive events Flavourology helps brands drive press coverage, excite social influencers, change brand perception and reach key, and often new, target audiences.


Harnessing Gingerline's pedigree for storytelling and narrative, Flavourology offers a package, which also encompasses food, concept and design consultancy, through to full event production and delivery.

What We Do: Event Services
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Experience Design

Working with brave brands and daring hosts to create experiences from scratch, telling stories through immersive and experiential devices.

Event Production

Working with marketing and PR agencies to create experiences as part of a wider, collaborative team. From boutique catering through to set and performance design.

Food Creation

Partnering with companies or venues to deliver our unique brand of food design or catering production.

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