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Soap & Glory
Call of Fruity Luau


How to make the beauty press stand up and take notice? 

When Soap & Glory approached us to help with the launch of new products within their Call of Fruity range, we took the challenge by the horns and created a two part adventure using a hidden rainforest shower handle to access the secret luau party including a five course tropical tasting menu.

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Soap & Glory / Call of Fruity: Event Portfolio
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Soap & Glory / Call of Fruity: Gallery

Guests first entered a 'classic' Soap & Glory spa-like room, with product display and bubble cloud formations. Yes they enjoyed a delicious, colour-matched, tropical cocktail and were able to sniff the wonderful produce, but that's not enough in our world.

Enter Gloria, stage left, our singing, bikini clad host, to tell you more about how you can, "Wash your troubles away, and play play play", when using Soap & Glory Smart Foam Mousse <bespoke song writing>

When she's finished singing in her [pre-recorded] shower scene, she encourages the guests to enter her rainforest shower, using the shower handle to access the hidden tropical paradise in the basement.

Welcomed by a vocal harmony group our invited guests from the UK's beauty press and influencer community enjoy a five course tasting menu inspired by the scents of the produce - ginger, mango, grapefruit, hibiscus, coconut.

Instagram-worthy, bragging rights-worthy, tell your friends-worthy, it was the hot ticket in town. 

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