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Masterpieces Banquet


How do you tell a story about a brand new side of your business? 

When Godiva needed to launch their diffusion range, Masterpieces, into the chocolate market, we replied with a never-been-seen-before banquet to take guests on a journey through The Heart, The Shell and The Castle.

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100 people per night, 6 nights, Central London. A week long opportunity to launch Godiva Masterpieces by the power of immersive dining.

With Gingerline at the controls of experience design, set design and choreography, Flavourology took the lead with interpreting the flavours of the chocolates subtly through a three course banquet.

Guests stepped through moving artwork to access a dining room designed to change entirely between courses and scenes. We started in the deep and sensuous Heart, before being transported underwater for the Shell, finally ending up in a medieval stone room of the Castle.

Through food, The Heart became a sumptuous duck liver parfait disguised as a glistening beetroot on edible cocoa and lavender soil. The Shell became scallops with hazelnuts, celeriac and apple, served with reefs of oyster shells containing Japanese BBQ eel, mirin gel, wakame, apple blossom and smoked oyster mayonnaise. Finally, The Castle became a chocolate dome hiding toasted white chocolate & miso parfait, surrounded by crisp meringue shard, with a hot, salted caramel sauce to melt through.

Key to this experience was choreography, not only as acts between courses, but actually as part of the service structure of the event. The food was danced or marched to the table in keeping with the stage of the banquet.

A week to remember.

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