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Event Production

Gingerline's Flavourology works with marketing and PR agencies to create experiences as part of a wider, collaborative team. From boutique catering through to set and performance design.

Often the agencies we partner with hold a wider brand relationship with the client, then come to us for some specialist input in creating a WOW experience at pivotal points in a brand's calendar. 

Gingerline's Flavourology team have over 15 years experience working on new product launches, brand repositioning pieces or large scale celebrations, our team will climb inside the brand's story to give guests an immersive feeling, from the inside out.

Through our experience design process we layer performance, set design, food design, drinks creation and more sensory trickery to create adventures not to be forgotten.

Check out our PORTFOLIO for recent examples of partnering with a PR or marketing agency as an immersive or experiential event specialist.

Warburtons - Bagel Bonanza in partnership with Freuds

Tesco - Feast of the Century - In partnership with Splendid

BRITA - Catering School of Expertise - In partnership with Speed Communications

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