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Bagel Bonanza


Launching your first, full sized bagel product and need the world to know how blooming good it is? Take them through a multi-dimensional day in the life of a bagel, from TV breakfast to northern pub.

Taking our initial creative lead from the nationwide ad starring Robert De Nero, we designed an underground Bolton Baker Boys experience to showcase the delights of the Warburtons full size bagel.

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A shining example of our multi-dimensional dining model, The Warburtons Bagel Bonanza saw nearly 20 groups of 16 lucky ticket bearers pass through the Bolton Baker Boys underground bagel fest over the course of 48 hours.

We created a day in the life of a bagel, from a slot on breakfast telly, through the staff canteen (who's Baker of the Week?), a short play date in a kids after school club and finally ending up where any great day should, the pub. Specifically a northern pub with a bagel dart board, welcoming land lady, Bolton Balti, bread beer and bagel crisps.

Flavourology reinvented the beautiful Warburtons bagel in many ways, from 'Eggy Bagels', a pain perdu style dish with spiced plums, stem ginger syrup, whipped cream and pumpkin seed granola, through to bagel fish fingers sandiwches, bagel lemon meringue pie bites and finally the aforementioned bagel 'n' balti.

To find out more about what the multi-dimensional format could do for your brand, get in touch!

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