Gingerline's Institute Of Flavourology Only the Brave will Dine

Gingerline Presents The Institute Of Flavourology

What We Do

WE MAKE EDIBLE ADVENTURES. Flavourology creates multi-sensory dining experiences strictly for brave brands and daring hosts. Harnessing Gingerline's pedigree for story telling and mischief making, our Institute is filled with designers, performers, chefs and technicians poised to conjure awe-inspiring food-centric dining experiences into reality.

WE WANT TO DO DINING DIFFERENTLY. If a brief inspires us, we can move mountains. We’ll delve into our immersive arsenal and use flavoursome morsels and tricksy techniques to tweak the nose of expectation and stamp on the toes of taste convention. DARE US. We like that. 


Suz Mountfort

Co-founder of Gingerline

Lucinda Barber

Private events manager

Davy Berryman

Logistical magician

Hannah Jackson

Beverage engineer

Alejandro Rodriguez

Head flavourologist

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