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The Singapore Tourism Board's Secret Island

A Secret Island
April 2015

All aboard the ferryman’s ride!

Our intrepid explorers ventured through 5 different dining dimensions, each revealing the island of Singapore's best kept secrets. The dark, terror filled jungle with its delicious canapé canopy, the bustling market with our Hawker’s crabby sidekick, the tranquil rest stop with tea-infused cocktail, the home cooked delights of our Peranakan house and a dancing digital glimpse of the future of The Secret Island.

One heck of an experiment!


The Rainforest
Rainforest inspired jackfruit salad with seared salmon sesame and prawn floss lollipops.

A Hawker Market
Singapore chilli crab spring roll. Open fresh rice paper spring roll with char sui pork, coriander lime and cucumber noodles. Served with kecap manis, red chilli and rice vinegar dip.

The Boardwalk
Rye whiskey, Lapsan Souchong tea, lemon and ginger liqueur.

Peranakan Home
Traditional Peranakan chicken dish, Opor Ayam served with turmeric rice on banana leaves. An assortment of traditional hot an sour condiments (red chilli in oil, tomato raita and green papaya salad).

The Future City
Pandan leaf panna cotta, lychee gel, coconut puffed rice, yuzu and palm sugar caramel.

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