Gingerline's Institute Of Flavourology Only the Brave will Dine

The Merry Lunar Feast

London Bridge
Winter 2018

Winter 2017 saw Flavourology host The Merry Lunar Feast, a 2 week run with each evening themed around Nordic fairy tales, mystical creatures and of course delicious food.

On arrival guests were treated to hot mulled cider and lead into a woodland setting by willing Reindeer. Once inside guests where entranced by their Lunar Moon host who guided them through four courses of delectable helpings.

With their bellies full, the music was turned up while drinks flowed into the night.  


The Spell is Cast.

Toadstool / Goat’s cheese, beetroot, ratte potato, dill, capers, fennel seed crackers – pipette of herb oil

A taste of things to come.

Smoked haddock velouté w/ root vegetable pakora, pea & parsley emulsion – sprinkle on spiced carrot powder
Vegan Option: Spiced Parsnip Velouté (same spice profile as chowder), vegan pakora

The Feast is Served.

Duck & blackberries / Roast duck breast, duck leg pie-let, pickled blackberries, Shredded Brussels

Side: Potato & celeriac galette

A Sweet End.

Chocolate Pavlova / Meringue crowns w/ milk chocolate mousse, White Chocolate Ganache, whipped cream & dark chocolate sauce

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