Gingerline's Institute Of Flavourology Only the Brave will Dine

Starbucks Cold Craft Coffee Testing Facility

Shoreditch, London
May 2017

Commissioned by Starbucks, The Institute of Flavourology set out to produce an avant-garde adventurous tasting experience exploring the cold side of craft coffee. This experimental endeavour used coffee to take users on a sensory exploration of flavour, smell and texture, all invoked by some of Starbucks’ latest cold brews. Every taste element was explored in isolation through a series of experiments at the Cold Craft Coffee Testing Facility before seeing how they come together to create each coffee’s complex and full bodied flavour.

Experiment 1: Regression Therapy

Test subjects entered the coffee bean ball pit roasting drum via a slide and encouraged to regress back to that first moment they tasted coffee.

Lemon curd tartlet with cocoa nibs

Experiment 2: Social Activity

Subjects were asked to explore the ice cave to find various ingredients as a team to assemble their own dish.

Smoked beetroot salad with maple glazed leaves – forage for: 1. cauliflower puree 2. pickled baby vegetables 3. bitter chocolate rubble 4. coffee vinaigrette

Experiment 3: Sensory Stimulation

The final stage required the subjects to immerse themselves in all their senses; touch, sight, sound, smell and taste.

Parmesan & coffee risotto w/ chorizo crumble & basil

The Exit

The subjects were ejected from the experiment on a conveyor belt into the Test Facility’s briefing area where they were given an evaluation, results of which perfectly paired them to a Starbucks’ cold brew and chocolate truffle.

Purist: Dark chocolate with roast coffee // New Wave: Dark chocolate & salted caramel // Rebel: Dark chocolate, orange & chilli

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