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Godiva Masterpiece Banquet

Black Swan Studios, London Bridge
September 2017

Gingerline commissioned Flavourology to create a multi-sensory menu for the Godiva Masterpieces banquet. 

The experience treated guests to a luxurious dining menu with three indulgent courses inspired by the shapes, tastes and storied behind the new Godiva Masterpieces collection: the Heart, the Shell and the Lion. 

On arrival, visitors stepped into an artist’s workshop and ventured through a painting into a banquet hall. Once inside guests embarked on a gastronomic feast with three full-room transformations. By incorporating specific smells and textures into the menu along with the movement, sound and wonderment Gingerline is known for, guests were propelled on a chocolate journey like no other. 


Heart: Eyes meet and indulge for longer than they should. Hearts thud in anticipation of that first touch. Sparks fly, senses elevated, one moment never felt so good. 

Duck liver parfait w/ cocoa, sour cherry, truffle aioli & beetroot chutney. Served w/ brioche toasts

Shell: Let the seas of change wash away what has gone before. Dive deeper, swim with the fishes and float in the beauty of the unexplored.

Part One 

Coral platters w/ oyster shells - oyster emulsion, smoked eel, sea bass tartar, oyster leaves & tamarind gel

Part Two

Scallops w/ hazelnuts & lemon verbena 

Lion: Unwrap your wildest imagination and lift your thoughts to a higher plain. Dance to a different beat. Revel in the glory, sat on your rightful throne. 

Chocolate sphere, white miso mousse, brownie morsels, meringue shards, salted caramel sauce, orange powder


Trio of Godiva Masterpieces chocolate. Served with Mr Black Cold Press Coffee Liqueur 

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