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Atom Bank

May 2018

Atom Synopsis


May 2018-05-21

Flavourology conjured a futuristic, food lab to celebrate Atom Banks growth over the past year and to look to what they have coming up the future. Held In a secret location in Hoxton, the Atom Testing Unit (ATU) was born. Guests were invited to test and expand their knowledge of flavour with three immersive flavour hubs. They were then able to wash it all down with a fun, futuristic cocktail.


Hub 1: The Orbacles

Purple sprouting broccoli, yeasted cauli puree, salsa verde, beetroot sponge, shaved fennel, vermouth grapes, crispy capers & borage flower


Hub 2: Flavourality Assesment

Ajo Blancos

Imaginative (Sweet) - Sweet pea foam, almond praline.

Charismatic (Sour) - Sherry vinegar foam, picked grape 

Generous (Salty) - Parmesan foam, Parmesan crisp


Hub 3: Flavour Assembly

Golden Toast Ice Cream


Sweet - Nutella sauce // Freeze dried raspberry jam

Sour - Lemon curd sauce // Cranberry raisins

Salty - Salted peanut brittle // Marmite reduction

Hot – Chili bacon jam // Tabasco & cheddar sauce

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